Mombo Camp is widely recognized as the flagship lodge in Botswana. Luxury operator Wilderness Safaris, widely recognized as one of the top lodge owners in Africa operates the smaller Little Mombo as well as the larger Mombo.

Little Mombo and Mombo are located in the heart of the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta. They are stunning camps located in one of the finest game viewing locations in the continent. Mombo is one of the top wildlife camps globally since phenomenal concentrations of Africaís big game surround both camps. Simply put, Mombo is as good as it gets.

The Details

Mombo is located on the tip of Chiefs Island in the heart of the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta. It is approximately one hoursí flight from Maun International airport. Access to the camp is through its own private bush airstrip roughly around 30 minutesí game drive from camp.

Mombo looks over a floodplain literally teeming with game. The main communal area has an amazing view over a massive stretch of the plain. The camp consists primarily of a main thatch structure housing the bar, lounge, long dining room table, as well as a small library. The camp also features a large decking area where you can enjoy meals under the sun, which is the perfect setting for an African honeymoon. It also features ample space for dining, boma, and a fireplace.

The entire camp is raised onto a wooden deck and wooden walkways connect the rooms. At night, buffalo will often sleep under the rooms. All of the 9 luxurious tents are identical, all setting out to stretch across the island. All 9 have excellent views over the floodplain.

Each of the rooms features a decking area along with an outside double bed known as sala for you to enjoy the scenery in your privacy. The rooms are simply exquisite, featuring the highest of quality and fitting perfectly with the surrounding environment.

The rooms feature linear design and the two showers and bathroom are at one end. The mid-section holds a large wardrobe and towards the end you will find a gigantic bed along with your personal living area equipped with a selection of snacks as well as a mini-bar.



The Mombo reserve boasts of an impressive concentration of plains game as well as an equally impressive concentration of predators. At Mombo, you will be lucky to see cheetah and wild dog (More on African wild dogs later). However, a dominant female from the African wild dog pack has chosen to adopt 15 black-backed jackals and formed a pack, with which it lives and hunts. In fact, in true wild dog style, it actually regurgitates its food for the young. Read more about African wild dogs in the piece below.
According to guides at Mombo, you are almost assured of sighting a lion during each drive and if you fail to see one, then you will definitely sight one every two drives.



The guiding here is top notch and camp has some of the best as well as most sought after guides. The in-house service and staff is simply excellent and you will get to enjoy some of the best hospitality Africa has to offer. Mombo simply excels in the food and beverage department.

Mombo offers game drives only during the day. Night time drives are not allowed because of the location of the camp inside the Moremi Game reserve.

Mombo Wilderness-Safaris

The Fascinating African Wild Dog

The Story

The African wild dog is one species that has suffered the most dramatic declines on the continent. Their numbers are now down to less than 5,000 from their original estimated number of 500,000. One of the two largest remaining populations of this fascinating animals is in northern Botswana where Mombo is situated. The area is an important stronghold for these creatures since has large tracts of wilderness dedicated to conservation, which are perfect for the massive home ranges this species requires.

More About The Species

The African wild dog goes by many names. ëHunting dogí draws attention to the way this creature hunts and lives in large packs, often engaging prey in long chases while ëpainted dogí refers to its striking coat patterns. The characteristics, caring parent-offspring nature, peculiar vocalizations, along with its highly social behavior make it both entertaining and fascinating to watch.

Where To Watch Them

The remnants of these amazing animals are found in northern Botswana. As stated, Mombo camp is situated there making it one of the ideal locations of watching this fabulous animal. Another spectacular camp to see the African wild dog in their natural habitat is the Selinda Explorers Camp. We will run a review on this camp soon.

Final Words

Mombo camp is an exquisite, luxurious wild game viewing location where you get to watch nature at its very best. It offers the best location to watch the African wild dog, which helps to promote their conservation. Visit Mombo today to have fun, watch nature at its best, have memories that last a lifetime, and help conserve wildlife in the process.

Sunset with the Baobab at Mombo Camp